MNCREW's Celebration Awards allow us to recognize the achievements of the members of our organization.

The MNCREW Celebration Awards honor the women who contribute to commercial real estate success in Minnesota. These awards recognize outstanding women who have displayed leadership, an understanding of the industry and have been a positive influence within their own firms and the greater industry.

2021 Awards Categories & Nominations


  • Nominations may be submitted online through Constant Contact or in a Word document/PDF.
  • If you submit via Constant Contact, we recommend preparing your answers first in a separate document to copy and paste into the correct fields (you will not be able to save your submission and come back to it later if you are submitting via Constant Contact).
  • If you submit using a Word doc or PDF, please clearly delineate your answers from the questions.

Nomination forms must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 15, 2021.


Background Information & Word Doc Submittal Form
Excellence in Design [online form]
Collaborative Business [online form]
Economic & Community Improvement [online form]
Excellence in Environmental/Sustainability [online form]


Nominees for individual awards must be current MNCREW members.
Background Information & Word Doc Submittal Form
Community Impact (Volunteer/Philanthropy) [online form]
Empowering Women [online form]
Excellence in Leadership [online form]


Background Information & Word Doc Submittal Form
Community Impact (Volunteer/Philanthropy)
Empowering Women

For questions about the 2021 Celebration Awards, please contact Gillian Cermak at

2021 Event

The 2021 ceremony will be held in person in November. Date and location TBD.


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Past Winners

Collaborative Business

This award recognizes at least two MNCREW members that successfully work together in any capacity in the commercial real estate industry.

  • 2020 Winners: Northfield Hospital + Clinic, Birth Center and Clinic Expansion and Renovation | Darcy Futrell, Rodney Hintz & Kris Hahn, RJM Construction; Sara Collova, Frattalone Companies; Jennifer Wolff, Braun Intertec; Melanie Baumhover, Jesse Turck & Devan Swiontkowski, BWBR; Brandie Adams, Sonus Interiors
  • 2019 Winners: A Forgetful Baker | Ericka Miller - KimbleCo; Roseanne Hope - Hope Law; Mythili Thiagarajan - Auromira Architects; Heather Weerheim - Greiner Construction
  • 2018 Winners: Rally Health | Julie Kimble and Ericka Miller, KimbleCo; Catherine Vekich, Alliance Real Estate Services; Shari Bjork, DLR Group; Heather Weerheim, Greiner Construction; and Andrea Fazendin, Art Partners
  • 2017 Winners: Guaranty Commercial Title Office Expansion/Move to Nic on 5th | Michelle Kolling, Guaranty Commercial Title; Wendy Ethen, Guaranty Commercial Title; Shari Bjork, DLR Group; Michele Hazelton, Henricksen; Cori Stenberg, Henricksen; Jane Marrone, Gray Plant Mooty; Meghan Huber, Welsh Construction; Nils Snyder, Colliers
  • 2016 Winners: Waconia Office Building | Roseanne Hope, Hope Law; Kara Frank, Twin Realty Investment Company; Marilyn Herzberg, Greywolf Partners; Beth Sheehan, Guaranty Commercial Title; Darlene Personius, Greywolf Partners
  • 2015 Winners: GES Las Vegas | Skye Cook, Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq; Erica Bubes, Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq Chicago; Brit Casey, Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq Chicago; Gina Moore, Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq Salt Lake City
  • 2014 Winners: Financing for Dewey Hill Office/Warehouse Project | Gena Janetka, Allied Parking; Tamara Simon, Infinia Bank; Barb Chirinos, Stewart Title; Robin Armstrong, Stewart Title; Laura Graf, Lindquist & Vennum; Rebecca Goughnour, Stinson Leonard Street

Empowering Women

This award honors a MNCREW member who consistently exemplifies CREW Network’s commitment to elevating the status of women in commercial real estate by working to advance the careers of other women, and MNCREW’s mission “To ignite the commercial real estate industry through the collective achievements and unique strengths of women.”

  • 2020 Winner: Megan Little, General Office Products
  • 2019 Winner: Darcy Futrell, RJM Construction
  • 2018 Winner: Christy Lewis, The Opus Group
  • 2017 Winner: Alexandra Tseffos, Silent T Consulting

Excellence in Leadership

This award honors a MNCREW member who consistently exemplifies the traits of outstanding leadership, including integrity, ability to inspire action, authenticity, decisiveness, fostering success in subordinates/empowerment of others, persistence & dedication, accountability & responsibility, and strategic thinking.

  • 2020 Winner: Shannon Rusk, Oppidan
  • 2019 Winner: Ericka Miller, KimbleCo
  • 2018 Winner: Angela Feulner, CMA
  • 2017 Winner: Jill Rassmussen, Davis

Community Impact

This award honors and recognizes a MNCREW member for their volunteer and/or philanthropic efforts supporting the community (any community) on a local, regional, national or global platform. This member actively participates in and/or financially supports MNCREW/CREW and/or another organization or conducts business in an impactful way that improves the community and/or lives or opportunities for individual community members.

  • 2019 Winner: Skye Cook, Cushman & Wakefield
  • 2018 Winner: Kristin Weise, The Opus Group

Emerging Leader

This award honors a MNCREW member who consistently exemplifies CREW Network's commitment to elevating the status of women in commercial real estate by working to advance the careers of other women. There is no age limit for this award as leaders can emerge at any time in their life and career.

  • 2016 Winner: Abigail Heimel, Kraus-Anderson
  • 2015 Winner: Alexandra Tseffos, CBRE
  • 2014 Winner: Emily Nicoll, CBRE

Excellence in Business Development, Sales & Marketing

This award recognizes a MNCREW member (or members) who has (have) demonstrated outstanding results in commercial real estate business development, sales and/or marketing on a project, program or career.

  • 2017 Winner: Christy Lewis, The Opus Group
  • 2016 Winners:  Erica Delain, Stinson Leonard Street (Excellence in Business Development/Sales) & Brittany Rihanek, The Opus Group (Excellence in Marketing/Public Relations)
  • 2015 Winner:  Christy Lewis, The Opus Group (Excellence in Business Development/Sales) & Kelle Lang Staats, Guaranty Commercial Title (Excellence in Marketing/Public Relations)
  • 2014 Winner: Barb Chirinos, Stewart Title

Excellence in Design

This award recognizes a project that enhances the client's work environment through the use of innovative design strategies, building materials and technology.

  • 2020 Winners: City Club Apartments CBD Minneapolis | Liza Kapisak, Mike Krych, Craig John, Kelly Naylor, Megan Van Beck, Chelsey Maldonado, Alex Sawka, John Volinkaty, BKV Group; John Volinkaty & Bryan Greger, formerly of BKV Group; Jen Conley, City Club Apartments; Peter Burgoyne, City Club Apartments
  • 2019 Winners: International Dairy Queen (IDQ) Headquarters Relocation & Test Kitchen | Megan Little - General Office Products; Heather Weerheim - Greiner Construction; Andrea Fazendin - Art Partners Group; Michelle Hammer - HGA; Jennifer Stumm - Cushman & Wakefield
  • 2018 Winners: Sleep Number Headquarters | Debra Barnes, Henricksen (formerly HGA); Paula Storsteen, HGA; Emily Nicoll, Jodie Leppa and Tanya Rooney, CBRE; and Jessica Stoe, Gardner Builders
  • 2017 Winners: @9 Amenity Center | Pam Haque, Hines; Elizabeth Samsa, DLR Group; Janice Linster, DLR Group; Shawn Gaither, DLR Group; Heather Novak, RSP Dreambox; Elle Taylor, Fluid Interiors
  • 2016 Winner: Community Dental Care | Mythili Thiagarajan, Auromira Architects LLC
  • 2015 Winner: Prosthodontist Tenant Improvement | Mythili Thiagarajan, Auromira Architects LLC
  • 2014 Winners: General Contractor Office | Janice Linster, Studio Hive; Rebecca Kundysek, Studio Hive; Meghan Huber, JE Dunn Construction

Economic & Community Improvement

This award honors MNCREW members who participate in a real estate project that transforms the built environment and transforms and/or revitalizes a neighborhood or community, often beyond the boundaries of the project. This award showcases the critical impact real estate development can have on the lives of real people in our communities. A new real estate project can inspire and provide hope in a community, house important programs or deliver services or provide jobs.

  • 2019 Winners: The METRO Green Line Extension - Southwest LRT | Katrina Davis, Wendy Ethen & Matthew Foli - Guaranty Commercial Title, Inc.; Jim Alexander - Metro Transit; Chuck Hubbard - Canadian Pacific Railway; Ia Xiong, Magdalena Aguero & Michelle Selbitschka, Metropolitan Council
  • 2018 Winners: TIE - Treasure Islan Center and THOR World Headquarters
    • Treasure Island Center | Mindy Bohumolski and Darcy Futrell, RJM Construction; and B Kyle, St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (formerly of the St. Paul Port Authority)
    • THOR World Headquarters | Richard Copeland, Ravi Norman, Damaris Hollingsworth, D’Angelos Svenkeson, Martin Matheny, Art Gardner and Lea Hargett, THOR Companies; Wendy Ethen, Michelle Kolling and Diane Johnson, Guaranty Commercial Title; Wade Anderson and Trina Sjoberg, Gray Plant Mooty; Michael Noonan, Real Estate Division at Hennepin County; Melissa Foster, Jayne Rizner and Rosanne Jones, City of Minneapolis; Linda Higgins, Hennepin County HRA; and Chris Ambourn, Wenck Associates
  • 2016 Winners: West Broadway Education and Career Center | Diane Johnson, Guaranty Commercial Title; Wendy Ethen, Guaranty Commercial Title; Michelle Kolling, Guaranty Commercial Title
  • 2015 Winners: Excelsior Redevelopment Project | Brenda Neuenfeldt, Klein Bank; Kara Olson, GTRE Commercial; Mythili Thiagarajan, Auromira Architects LLC; Joe Ryan, Oppidan; Rob Fendler, Fendler Patterson Construction
  • 2014 Winners: Riverside Plaza & Affordable Housing Redevelopment | Cindy Nosan, Guaranty Commercial Title; Carolyn Olson, Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation; Eden Spenser, Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation

Excellence in Environmental/Sustainability Project

This award recognizes MNCREW members that have led or participated in a project that demonstrates significant, measurable milestones in any of the following: energy efficiency, health and wellness, sustainable purchasing, best practices in waste management, best practices in water management, or sustainable best practices for redevelopment that measurably improve or reduce impacts to natural resources or on behalf of the people that inhabit buildings or communities.

  • 2020 Winners: Westwood Hills Nature Center | Darcy Futrell, Brad Barickman, Ross Babcok & Chris Cohoe, RJM Construction; Nancy Blankfard, Marc L'Italien, Glenn Waguespack, Andrew Holmgren & Nathalie Rethlake, HGA
  • 2020 Honorable Mention: The Guardian Building Renovation | Heather Weerheim & Terry Leonard, Greiner Construction; Alex Haecker, AWH Architects
  • 2018 Winners: The 428 | Pat Wolf, Commercial Real Estate Services; Julie Kimble and Ericka Miller, KimbleCo; Sherry Hastings, Commercial Real Estate Partners; Jen Kruse, Dave Pothen, Brian Moore and Joe Wilcox, McGough; Kyle Lacek, Michael Nelson, Alexa Choles, Bethany DeLine, Lexi Sosalia and Julie Robertson, HDR; Dana Krakowski, Envirobate; Tom Palermo and Ryan Cairl, Master Mechanical; Larry Palm, Ace Electric; and Guaranty Commercial Title
  • 2016 Winner: MN Epilepsy Group | Mythili Thiagarajan, Auromira Architects LLC
  • 2015 Winner: Web-based Portal Development | Diana Opitz, Target Corporation
  • 2014 Winners: Broadway Place West Lobby Remodel | Brandie Adams, Surfacequest; Wendy Thompson, Suntide Commercial Realty

Volunteer Contribution/Volunteer of the Year

This award recognizes a MNCREW member for their passionate belief in the mission of giving back to the community (any community). This member lends herself/himself to CREW, or another organization, inside or outside of business, in an impactful way. Starting in 2019, nominees are submitted by the chairs of each committee in honor of their outstanding contributions.

  • 2020 Winner: Holly Olson, Denison Parking
  • 2019 Winner: Brittany Rihanek, The Opus Group
  • 2016 Winners: Women Run the Cities Committee | Ashley Moen, Cresa; Cathy Schmidt, Surfacequest; Claire Roberts, Marcus & Millichap; Meghan Huber, Welsh Construction; Sara Stafford, Creative Resources
  • 2015 Winner: Sandy Spangler, Associated Bank
  • 2014 Winner: Karon Smith

WOW Award

  • 2020 Winners: Signature Event Committee | Annie Andress, Colliers International; Jacki Christopher, Ryan Companies; Stacee Demmer, LHB; Melissa DuFour, United Properties; Suzanne Johnson, Johnson Environmental Solutions; Kylie Kaminski, Hellmuth & Johnson PLLC; Christy Lewis, Suntide Commercial Realty; Jennifer Lindgren, Firm Ground Architects & Engineers; Megan Little, General Office Products; Grace Perillo, Cushman & Wakefield; Claire Roberts, Colliers International; Cathy Schmidt, Fullerton Building Systems; Jennifer Stukenberg, BWBR; Courtney Taylor, Fidelity Bank; Peggy Weller, InsideOut Studios
  • 2019 Winner: Colleen Ayers, MNCREW Executive Director

Empowering Women | Company

The company recognition categories are not judged but are acknowledged during the Celebration Awards event for all submitted companies that meet the requirements.

  • 2020 Recognition: Greiner Construction, Oppidan, Pope Architects

Community Impact | Company

The company recognition categories are not judged but are acknowledged during the Celebration Awards event for all submitted companies that meet the requirements.
  • 2020 Recognition: Oppidan, Prevolv